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Bought at: Public Auction 
Where: Seattle, WA
Make: Toyota  Model: Yaris
Year: 2009 Mileage: 43,875
Market Price: USD $9,865
Bought For: USD $3,625

Toyota Yaris Red - AutoAuctions.org

"I found this great car at the local Auto Auction! After many years living here I even did not know such an event existed. Thank you!"

Alison R. 

Bought at: Police Auction 
Where: Denver, CO
Make: Mitsubishi  Model: Lancer
Year: 2008 Mileage: 62,400

Market Price: USD $11,290
Bought For: USD $4,150

Mitsubishi Lancer Blue - AutoAuctions.org

"A nice bargain! Only 3 people bidding so I got away with this great deal. Highly appreciated, thanks!"

Matthew G. 
Fort Collins 

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Unlike most other automotive auction sites, we strive to cover ALL auto auctions, both in the U.S. and Canada. We include not only government auctions (such as IRS, U.S. Marshalls, military surplus, police seizures & repos, vehicle impounds); but everything available on the auction block! That includes local auctions, company surplus, insurance firms, bank repossessions & other non-governmental financial foreclosures, private auctions, donations, and online auctions.
 We have literally thousands of auctions available in our database - the largest source of its type online! We handle auctions of ALL kinds of vehicles: from high-end luxury vehicles to compact and economy cars…from trucks, vans, and SUVs to motorcycles, farm vehicles and boats.


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  Let's not use any hype words as others do - like we are the best or #1.. However we are definitely proud of what we have to offer and what puts us in front of the competition. Our strengths:
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  • Continually growing content for our members with new resources, tips, references and other material.
  We believe that we top our competitors in all aspects. But we will leave it up to you to make your own judgment..
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Are the Auto Auctions real?

  Yes, they definitively are! But can you really get a good car bargain there? You’ve probably read auction sites claiming to give you up to 95% off the true market value of vehicles, and thought they were too good to be true. Well, you were right! The truth is that in the current economic climate, a 95%-off value isn’t likely to surface except on a vehicle nobody really wants. And a deal on a car you don’t want is no deal at all.
  But the good news is this: AutoAuctions.org can get you sweet deals of up to 80 to 90% off on in-demand motor vehicles, or at 10 to 20% of their fair market value. Prices start as low as $100 - $200, and include motor vehicles you’ve probably considered purchasing. You owe it to yourself to take advantage of these amazing values today! Family with a new car
  Yes, our members have access to the very best values in motor vehicles, but that’s not all! They can also take advantage of all kinds of seized, unclaimed, and repossessed properties. That includes real estate, personal possessions, jewelry, and just about anything of monetary value you can imagine!   
  Also, keep in mind that as an Auto Auctions member, you can choose to be notified about any new Auctions in your area. This can give you an edge! To be first to know, first to get involved. Usually all the last minute auctions have only a few bidders. That's where you get the best deals!

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